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Sea Approaches

Please refer to Reeds Nautical Almanac area 9 SW Scotland

sea approaches


Mariners are reminded that the control of traffic at Ardrossan harbour is by light signals in addition to the VHF Station.

Traffic Lights are mounted on the sea wall south of the lighthouse, on the middle quayside within the harbour plus at the marina entrance.


They will have the following meanings:

Marina Open (Harbour Closed)
GREEN green

Pleasure vessels may proceed to and from the Marina. Commercial vessels requiring permission of Harbour Control are prohibited from entering, leaving or manoeuvring within the harbour.

GREEN green
GREEN green

Marina Closed (Harbour Open)
RED red

All Pleasure vessels must clear the Outer Basin, Canting Area and Approach Channel immediately. As a general rule if when approaching the harbour the light sequence is turned to 2 red / 1 green you may continue onwards if already past the red West Crinan buoy, passage through the harbour to the marina expeditiously. Ardossan Harbour Control broadcasts on VHF channel 12. If in doubt use CH12 to the Harbour Control during changes to light sequences. Ardrossan Harbour movements are covered by CCTV

RED red
GREEN green


Harbour and Marina closed to ALL traffic
RED red Neither Commercial nor Pleasure vessels are permitted to proceed inwards or outwards.
RED red
RED red

The harbour control tower broadcasts on VHF Ch 12 but the tower is generally only manned during the periods of ferry movements. If in doubt use Ch 12 to the tower during changes to light sequences.

Ardrossan Harbour Control Tower will be manned from 30 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of ferry services, up to the departure time of the ferry.

Outside of these times, Mariners should contact Clydeport Estuary Control as per Admiralty List of Radio Signals Vol. 6 (1).

The term ‘commercial vessel’ includes any large vessel which, in the opinion of theĀ  Harbour Master, or any person designated by him, requires a clear passage inwards or outwards.

All vessels are reminded of their obligations under the Prevention of Collisions at Sea Regulations particularly those concerning sound signals.

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